Film Support & Services

No matter what you are shooting , whether a TVC, TV series or feature film. No matter what you require, whether just chairs and tables, an esky, a green room or even a marque for 250 extras we have the equipment, crew and know how to make it happen.

Gavnaction has been providing quality UNIT MANAGEMENT for the film industry, film crews, production managers, TV commercials, TV series and feature films for the last 8 years and have a wide range of experience and equipment to call on to help make your next production work.

Gavnaction Film Services includes (but is not limited to)

• Film Crew Unit Support

• Equipment Hire Services

• Vehicles Hire

• Labour Hire

Ask…you will be surprised!


Helpful Links

I know it can be hard for production companies, specially if they are from interstate or overseas, to know where to go to get the support and services they need. If you have found my website and are looking for some other services below are a list of companies you may find helpful.

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Nat Duncan

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